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Car Racks

“Now that I’ve decided on the right boat for me, how do I get it to the water?”

We’re glad you asked.  Let our expert staff advise you as to the best ways and options to safely carry your boats.

Looking for a way to make loading and unloading significantly easier? Need to carry more than one boat… bikes, skis, snowboards? We know you’ve got questions, and with years upon years of experience outfitting customers (as well as loading and unloading boats from cars and trailers), we’ve got the experience to make this part way easier than you’d think!

Carrying your canoes, kayaks, or SUPs on top of your vehicle is certainly the most common and accessible option for most. Trailers can be convenient for carrying more than 3-4 boats and also offer an alternative to lifting boats over your head, but remember that you are adding quite a bit of length to your vehicle, which can make running errands on your way to or from the water much more challenging.

We stock a full line of Yakima roof rack products! Just give us a call or stop by and we’ll be happy to walk you through the fit options for your vehicle. And we’ll always do our best to make sure that you understand the various options and best ways to approach making this step of the process as easy as possible.

Although there is plenty of good info online for fitting, etc., there are often variables and options which we have found are best when discussed with an experienced retailer – like us!

Need a quick fix? If you’re a one time renter or just need to get the boat safely home, we have foam blocks and other similar less expensive options for canoes, kayaks, and SUP.

Stop by or give us a call and we’ll check fit, installation, and product availability for you!

(Please note: aftermarket roof racks such as Yakima products are designed to be “consumer install” racks. Trust us, if we can do it, so can you! Of course if you need a hand, just ask and we’ll work something out. Also, some roof racks do need to be re-adjusted occassionally, so knowing how it went on the vehicle can be quite handy!)