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Other Accessories

We stock a very wide range of accessories. Some fit nicely into some of the other categories you may have already browsed in the left hand column… and some require a category of their own.

Among the “Other Accessories” that we stock, you will find:

  • Native Sunglasses
  • Boat Carts
  • Dry Bags
  • Dry Boxes
  • Chums (eyeglass retainers)
  • Waterproof camera cases
  • Lasso locks and other security systems for locking up your boats
  • Aquasling and Aquarack boat storage systems
  • Hoist boat hanging/pulley systems
  • A large assortment of fishing accessories including anchors, rod holders, etc. from Scotty and more
  • Tie down straps and rope
  • Canoe and kayak foam block kits for car-top carrying
  • Eco-friendly water bottles
  • 303 Aerospace Protectant
  • Sun Screen
  • Aquaseal
  • Paddle Bags
  • Hip pads and closed cell foam for outfitting your boat
  • YAK Pads (seat and heel cushions)
  • Thermarest seat cushions
  • Seat backs for some Sit-On-Tops
  • Airbags (additional flotation for kayaks and canoes)
  • Sponges
If you’re looking for something and don’t see it, or know of some cool new gear, let us know!