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Phone: (410) 263-2303 |
Winter Hours: 12-7pm; Sat 12-5pm; CLOSED WED/SUN

Rentals & Demos


Don’t just take someone else’s word on how a canoe, kayak, or SUP paddles. Demo boats and boards from our floating dock any day of the week! (Any day that we are open, of course. :) )

At Annapolis Canoe and Kayak, every day is a demo day!

Demo Rates:

  • $20 for any Plastic or Rental Composite
  • $30 for any SUP or Floor Model Composite

All demo charges will be applied to the purchase price of any new boat. Demos are 20-30 minutes per boat.

Rentals    Rental Rate Rack Card


Launch from our floating dock in Eastport or take to your favorite paddling spots. Choose from:

  • Sea Kayaks (Solo and Tandem in Plastic and Composite)
  • Light Touring Kayaks
  • General Recreation Kayaks (Singles and Tandems)
  • Sit-On Top Kayaks
  • Canoes
  • Stand Up Paddle Boards

Rental Rates:

Plastic Solo Kayaks
  • $20 /hr
  • $50 /day (within store hours)
  • $70 /weekday overnight
  • $100 /weekend (Fri-Mon)
  • $220 /week (Weekend-Weekend)
Composite Solo Kayaks & SUPs
  • $25 /hr
  • $70 /day (within store hours)
  • $95 /weekday overnight
  • $140 /weekend (Fri-Mon)
  • $300 /week (Weekend-Weekend)
Tandems (includes Canoes)
  • $30 /hr
  • $80 /day (within store hours)
  • $110 /weekday overnight
  • $160 /weekend (Fri-Mon)
  • $350 /week (Weekend-Weekend)

ALL rentals are due back 30 mins prior to posted closing hours.

To reserve a kayak, call 410-263-2303.

(We will take reservations for full day, overnight, and weekend rentals anytime in advance. Hourly rentals are on a first come first served basis. As we have lots of boats in our fleet, and hourly rentals turn around quickly, if you do have to wait, it shouldn’t be for long! :)


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Year-round rentals?

  • Current Bay Conditions

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    Temp: 39°F

    Water Temp: 43.7°F

    Wind: West at 5mph

    Last Updated on Dec 16 2017, 11:00 pm EST

  • Yes! We do indeed rent and demo boats year-round! However… when the water gets cold, paddling can become more dangerous. As unlikely as capsize may seem to some people, you must “dress to swim!”

    Clothing requirements for rentals and demos due to water temp are as follows:
    • Water temp above 60 degrees F – No Restrictions
    • Water temp between 50 and 60 degrees F – Wet Suit Required
    • Water temp below 50 degrees F – Dry Suit Required

    Wet Suits / Dry Suits

    We do not provide wet suits or dry suits for rentals or demos. Wet suits can be purchased for around $100 and can go a long way towards lengthening your paddling season. Dry suits are a bit more pricey but are a must for the 4 season paddler. Ask an Annapolis Canoe and Kayak representative to help outfit you with the appropriate gear for your needs.

    Cold Water Clinics

    Keep an eye on the “News” section of our website for info on local cold water clinics. The local Chesapeake Paddlers Association can be a terrific resource for this type of information. Here’s a link to their Cold Water Brochure.