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Safety Gear

(Things you always want with you and hope you never need)

Some types of safety equipment are required to be carried by law. These include a “sound producing device” (whistles or horns); a Personal Flotation Device for each person aboard; distress signals; and lights for nighttime paddling.

Ask our expert staff and they will advise you on equipment that is a must and its proper use.

Some items are dictated more by the type of boat you are paddling – for example, a sit on top will not need a bilge pump, but a sit in kayak should have one.

Where you are paddling? Take a compass and chart for open water paddling, and a first aid kit if away from aid for a length of time.

Will you be paddling alone or in a group? You may want a tow line if you are in a group, or a paddle float for self-rescue if you’re paddling alone.

The mandatory distress signals can be augmented with a signal mirror and/or a marine VHF radio.

When on a longer trip, you may want to carry a spare paddle and/or a paddle leash.

ACK carries a range of safety gear such as:

  • bilge pumps
  • paddle floats
  • whistles
  • tow ropes
  • throw ropes
  • lights
  • compasses
  • rescue devices
  • paddle leashes
NOTE:  ACK does not sell radios or distress signals (flares). These are readily available at a marine store and are not kayak/canoe specific.