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supiiStand Up Paddle Boarding (or SUP) is not exactly a new sport, but it is indeed new to many of us and still somewhat new to our area.

Although its origins are based more in the world of surfing, SUP has become immensely popular for flat water. Water sports and fitness enthusiasts are falling in love with this very different way of getting on the water – for good reason!

ACK hosts regular SUP outings in warm weather! Sign up for our mailing list and/or check the News & Events page for upcoming SUP events.

We have found that the perspective of being on the water in a standing position gives you a very unique vantage point. Getting your line of sight much higher has obvious advantages, and standing can certainly be more comfortable for some who have issues with sitting in one position for long.

“Why stand when you can sit?” “What’s the advantage of SUP over kayak?” “Which is better?” …to these questions I have these answers: Try it! Try it! and Try it!

Just like kayaks and canoes, there are many different boards out there, some quite stable, some faster and less stable, some more intended for fishing… yes, fishing!

Most people are surprised at just how easy it is. ACK is working on getting more and more well acquainted with the sport to be able to provide the same level of expertise that we have offered for so long in the kayaking and canoeing industry.

One more important thing to point out is the fitness aspect. Like kayaking or canoeing, SUP’ing can be as relaxing or as aggressive as you want it to be, but the one thing everyone tuned into this sport will note is that the core workout is fantastic! It’s great cross-training for any paddler, or just a fun workout without feeling like you’re working out!

Stop by and rent or demo a board and see what all the fuss is about!

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