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Selecting clothing for your paddling outings has much to do with what time of year you’re going out, what the weather is like, and what temperature water you are enjoying being on (and sometimes in).

In the summer you can benefit from breathable clothing with a “wicking” quality to help keep you cool and dry, hats and light first layer shirts to keep the sun at bay, light shoes to protect your paws from varying terrain when launching and landing, and for some, gloves to help protect your hands from blisters.

In the fall and winter months when the water temps are low, wet suits and layers become key for protecting you from the elements and keeping your core temperature up in the event of capsize/submersion.

In the much colder winter months, dry suits and insulating layers are a must for safety.

Whether you’re looking to outfit for safety, or you’re like many of us and just have to have the latest accessories, ACK is always happy to spend time with you to help you determine what gear will best suit your needs, and in some cases, help you work towards staying safe on and in the water. If you’re looking for something and don’t see it, or know of some cool new gear, let us know!

ACK stocks a full range of paddling related clothing and cold weather gear as well as gloves, boots and hats from: